Private Clinics

It is difficult to allot time and resources to keep up on the ever changing policies related to healthcare and billing. Stellar Management Services will keep your practice up to date with reimbursement issues, identifying additional revenue opportunity, and running an efficient and results driven billing process. Many incentive programs have timelines that must be met. We will help you meet them. When assisting with the selection of an EMR, we balance the needs of the practice from an operational standpoint with the need to meet incentive opportunity requirements. We can also assist you with Human Resources and Payroll.

We Help Solve Common Challenges for Private Clinics

  • Keeping up with the ever changing coding and billing rules
  • Meeting the requirements and deadlines for incentive payments
  • Having the time to manage the complexities of the revenue cycle

We Solve Challenges by Offering Strong IT Solutions

  • We can assess your current operations and make recommendations or we can oversee your revenue cycle. All of our clinics have seen an improvement in collections. We keep up on the challenges of coding and billing and make certain that your practice is in line with regulations and deadlines, while optimizing your revenue cycle. We implement workflows, provide education, work with or manage front desk staff, and manage the accounts receivable. We focus on the processes that allow for claims to be paid on the first submission. Are you a turn-around situation? We have done several. All were successful.
  • Meaningful Use, ePrescribe, Accountable Care Organization, PQRS: it is a lot to keep up with! It can also mean lost revenue if your practice doesn’t complete necessary tasks. We can keep you updated and assist you with compliance.
  • Watching the revenue cycle as it needs to be watched is difficult for many providers. Your time can be directed toward creating the revenue source while we turn your service into cash. We can use your system or ours. We provide performance dashboards and can provide the reporting that you need.

If your Private Clinic needs assistance, sign up for your assessment today.