EMS Providers

Obtaining reimbursement is becoming more and more difficult. It is essential that you have experts assist you with your organization’s goals. EMS Providers can focus on the services that generate the revenue, and Stellar Management Services will work to obtain every dollar possible. There is much complexity with Coding and Compliance in EMS. Stellar Management has successfully assisted other EMS companies across the nation to improve collections.
Our processes work! Every client we have is generating more money. We take care of everything from enrollment to collection. We believe in being honest and transparent. We work with our clients very closely for the best possible results.

We Help Solve Common Challenges for EMS Providers

  • Keeping up with the ever-changing coding and billing rules
  • Meeting the requirements and deadlines for proper claim submission
  • Having the time to manage the complexities of the revenue cycle

We Solve Challenges by Leveraging Technology, Improving Processes, and Providing Education and Feedback

  • We keep up on the challenges of coding and billing and make certain that your organization is in line with regulations and deadlines, while optimizing your revenue cycle. We implement workflows, provide education, We focus on the processes that allow for claims to be paid on the first submission. Are you a turn-around situation? We have done several. All were successful.
  • Watching the revenue cycle as it needs to be watched is difficult for many EMS providers. Your time can be directed toward creating the revenue source while we turn your service into cash. We provide performance dashboards and can provide the reporting that you need.

Medicare signature requirements, SCT, ALS 1 vs. ALS 2, billing for oxygen, medical necessity, dialysis transportation, wheelchair and van service, percentage of collections, fee schedules, enrollment into plans, Emergency transportation, Non-Emergency transportation, AR distribution, productivity…… Stellar Management Services is the answer for your organization.