Revenue Cycle Analysis

The Stellar Management Services has a complete team of professionals that can bring solutions to all areas of your revenue cycle management process.

Revenue Cycle Analysis includes the following:

  • The Revenue Cycle timeline
  • Compare performance of revenue cycle components to state and national averages.
  • Staffing assessment/personnel distribution for optimal return on investment.
  • Evaluate the days within the accounts receivable and identify opportunities to improve
  • Review AR distribution and develop a strategy for problem areas.
  • Provide revenue forecasting
  • Analyze explanation of benefits to identify key trends and appropriate reimbursement level
  • Review payer categories to determine payer mix and prospective future collections.
  • Analyze existing fee schedule to determine if it is set at the appropriate levels to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  • Review key services to make certain there are no missed revenue opportunities
  • Review evaluation and management services distribution and compare it to national and state benchmarks
  • Review billing system set-up to make certain it is optimizing review of denials and workflow
  • Detailed project plan for areas identified as opportunities

Whether you want complete management of your revenue cycle or simply start with an assessment, we can begin the process today. Our model is completely flexible to meet the needs and desires of our clients.