Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is key in a firm’s decision-making processes. Without an appropriate revenue cycle management strategy, the firm may experience unnecessary losses.

Know That You are Getting Paid What is Due to Your Organization

We often exceed financial expectations. We are honest and realistic, but we are also assertive and relentless in the pursuit of collections. We can take the worries out of enrollment, billing, payroll, electronic medical records, information technology, quality reporting, human resources, and operational performances!

Revenue cycle management services include eligibility and benefit verification, point-of-service cash collections, claims management, financial counseling, registration, optimum coding, medical records, electronic submissions of claims, account follow-up and collections, excellent customer service, reporting and analytics.

Stellar Management Services has a complete team of professionals that can bring solutions to all areas of your revenue cycle management process.

Improve Cash Flow

Our primary focus is to optimize the front end process. We make certain insurance is verified, co-pays are collected, coding is correct and at maximum levels, demographic information is complete and accurate, and proper edits are in place. Our leading objective is to assure that a clean claim is initially submitted which would eliminate unnecessary denials that would in turn cause cash flow interruption.

We Understand the Clinical Component

Stellar Management Services has an elite team of providers that have helped make certain that our strategies take into account the total patient care experience. As Medicare moves towards Accountable Care Organizations, which links payments to outcomes, clinical expertise is imperative. PQRS, Meaningful Use, and other payor incentives are all a part of the service that Stellar Management Services can provide.

Security and Compliance

We have a robust compliance plan to make certain that we meet or exceed compliance standards and security to protect your organization and ours.

Revenue Cycle Management Service Offering

Whether you want complete management of your revenue cycle or simply to start with an assessment, we can start the process today. Our model is completely flexible to meet the needs and desires of our clients.