Medical Billing Outsourcing


Reduce Your Overhead Expenses

Quality Counts: Don’t let deep discounting distract you from making sure that your revenue cycle is managed by a quality organization.

Our medical billing and outsourcing services are designed to reduce your overhead and optimize collections. They allow you to spend your time taking care of patients and growing your business.  Our team will expedite your revenue through proven processes developed by Stellar Management Services and the use of technology where able.

Why Are We Different From Other Medical Billing and Outsourcing Firms?

Are any services completed overseas? No. Stellar Management Service completes all services within the U.S.A., including the call center.

How much do you charge? We typically charge a percentage of collections. This motivates us to collect efficiently and properly. Our current range is 5-10% depending on type of service, payor mix, volume, and the use of your system or ours.

What if I only want certain portions of the billing outsourced? Stellar Management Services tailors its services to the needs and desires of the clients.

Is outsourcing safe and secure? At Stellar Management Services, we meet or exceed all compliance and security regulations. All employees receive annual HIPAA training. We have an extensive internal auditing process to ensure claims are submitted accurately and timely.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Service Offering

We work to make sure that billing process is seamless form a patient’s perspective and yours. We provide excellent customer service by representatives who can promptly answer billing questions and resolve outstanding balances. We believe in complete transparency. Regular reports and meetings will help ensure satisfaction and collections. We can use your billing system or ours.